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Parttime student - job post

Hunt & Hackett
Den Haag


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Den Haag

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Are you the (parttime) student we are looking for?

Take risks. If you win you'll be happy, if you lose, you'll be wiser

Hunt & Hackett helps European companies prevent, detect and respond to today’s most advanced adversaries, safeguarding them against cyberthreats and espionage. We don’t stir a bit into security strategies; our talented team of responsible rebels shakes them up to build, operate and maintain digital immune systems for our customers to outsmart their digital adversaries.

To extend our multidisciplinary team we are now hiring a parttime students. Do you get a thrill out of outsmarting digital adversaries, as you would in a capture the flag event? Do you belong to the most talented group of brainiacs in the industry – or is this where you plan to be? Then Hunt & Hackett might be the best next step in your career.

Responsible Rebel at Hunt & Hackett

At Hunt & Hackett we are always looking for new talent and preferably we hire them as early on as possible. At Hunt you are encouraged to do the things you do for your study, or whatever tech savvy endeavour you might embark on in your spare time, but this time, for a salary. Do note that we are looking for all-round technical enthusiasts, but those with a possible preferred specialization in one or more of the competencies elaborated on below should feel free to reach out as well. Do you think you possess, or aspire to develop a very specific set of skills, that would make you a nightmare for APT’s? Some of the profiles and corresponding skills / competencies we are looking for are:

  • SOC analyst – We are not looking for someone who maintains an alert factory, but someone who seeks a challenge in bringing down the number of alerts to only high priority alerts, while not losing sight of the actual adversary in the customers' network. Next to that, you know how to code in Python and automate the SOC processes as much as possible. In the end your eye for detail needs to be better than that of the threat actor. You have to be able to outsmart a wide variety of adversaries and you have to be able to outsmart a wide variety of adversaries. Last but not least, you understand that the job is not done after you have mapped out the treats. You are capable of translating the findings into well written incident reports for the right audience. Do note that this requires you to be on-call in shifts (during the day, or evening/ night, as well as weekends and public holidays), while rotating with the rest of the analyst team.
  • Security Researchers – Do you want to completely rip apart malware samples and improve detection capabilities based on thorough research? Look no further. As a security researcher at Hunt & Hackett you will be responsible for investigating sophisticated malware and exert or improve your offensive capabilities. Basically, your purpose in life would be to completely ruin an adversary's day by being one step ahead each and every time.

  • Dev(Ops) – Your aim is to build and maintain a serverless cloud native environment with a focus on continuous integration, -deployment, -testing and monitoring. Terms like Git, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus and metric-based systems, as well as Nagios, Docker and Kubernetes are your bread and butter and part of your daily routines. You like *-as-code and in particular security-detections-as-code. You have seen the light in the tabs versus spaces discussion or don’t know what all the fuzz is about since you PowerShell your way through all the hurdles, issues and opportunities that come your way. But you do have a strong opinion about camelCasing and readability of your code.

And who might you be?

Personality wise we are looking for versatile team players, willing to go the extra mile. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and are eager to take on the challenges combating today’s digital threat landscape. You are flexible in working hours and do not necessarily desire to sit in the same office, in the same spot, every day, five days a week from 9 to 5. You are able to efficiently manage your own time and capable of meeting deadlines. Finally, you will not say ‘I told you so’, even when you told them so. Humble-you dares to ask for help and takes the time to clarify topics you are subject matter expert in, to other less fortunate great minds.

The Hunt & Hackett wish list

The right candidate:

  • Speaks at least two languages: English and Python (or any other …);
  • Has a drive to automate things instead of doing repetitive manual work;
  • Is focused on building sustainable solutions, being it something technical like a script/ program, or less technical like a report;
  • Has experience with running/ building things in cloud infrastructures (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc)
  • Preferably you are located in the Netherlands, but this is not a necessity;
  • A minimum of 16 hours per week, planning can be flexible.

We encourage candidates to reach out and apply, even if you believe you may not meet all the requirements. At Hunt & Hackett, we look at the individual's potential for growth and we are happy to help you build the necessary skills along the way.

What is your wish list?

As a minimum, Hunt & Hackett offers you:

  • The opportunity to safeguard Europe’s leading organizations;
  • A unique culture of ‘responsible rebellion’ where you can learn from the best to get the most out of yourself;
  • The most innovative security tools you need to get the job done;
  • Plenty of time and opportunity to develop yourself with regards to SOC, IR, Red Teaming etc.;
  • A proper laptop to get the job done;
  • Compensation for your travel costs.

A culture of ‘responsible rebellion’

Only (very) talented, multidisciplinary teams of threat hunters, intelligence analysts, reverse engineers, data scientists, developers and hackers are able to outsmart the increasingly professional community of cyber attackers. We pride ourselves as a force for the good and as such we think and act as responsible rebels. We are not ‘just another security company’, and our people are not ‘just employees’. Everyone at Hunt & Hackett wants to be the best in their field and focusses at delivering next-gen levels of service. This means that we:

  • Push the envelope. Everyone in our teams takes the responsibility to make our work better every day, by being creative to color outside of the lines if needed.
  • Help you to become the best version of yourself. We bring together the best minds in the field, to inspire each other and to learn from each other. Personal development and growth are important to us and our customers.
  • Build mission driven teams. We believe in the power of small teams who can focus on strategic tasks, not on repetitive work that can be automated. It’s up to you to make this happen.
  • Believe that God is in the details. Tiny details can have a huge impact, especially in security. This is why we champion tradecraft. We are system thinkers that oversee the big picture but who are simultaneously obsessive about the details.
  • Are Responsible Rebels. We are polite. We are courteous. We show professionalism. Yet we have a plan to kill everyone in the room.

For more information or to apply, send an email to Due note that a pre-employment screening is part of the application and selection process and precedes employment.

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