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Our Community is growing. Join us!

Our community is growing constantly. We are driven by content and embrace innovation. We strive for excellence, knowledge & success and we focus on our community. We care about our people. We put our customers first and we know how to celebrate success together as a team. Our goal is to set benchmarks in our market. Join us and experience the difference!

Growth Strategy

Our European teams grow and progress constantly. Endless opportunities for starters to experience an international evironment and learn step by step. The digital transformation AI and IoT are just a few of the constant companions in our daily work and life. We are all connected locally and internationally via technology. Our goal is to become a digital pioneer in the event business - innovation and technology comes first! We are expanding to other countries and this will enable you to an international career and experience in the company.

Consistency & Sustainability

CUSTOMER FOCUS: We embrace our customers, because we know without our customers, Network Circle would not exist. KNOWLEDGE: We strive for knowledge & high performance. INTEGRITY & EQUALITY: We have integrity and support equality. COLLABORATION: We are one community and we care about our people. We have fun @ work!

Learn & grow with us!

Together with the Network Circle Academy, we support you in your daily professional life. For us it is important that you feel valued and understood and that you are challenged and encouraged anew every day. We start with an individual Onboarding with our skilled Trainers. Our Buddy System supports you to get introduced to our community. We have implemented structured weekly 1to1 meetings with your Team Manager to support you in your daily work life. Network Circle has a clear and structured people and success plan for everyone in the community. Our goal is to promote and challenge you to get ahead in your job with internal and external trainings, workshops and lectures to mentor your personal development and support you in your growth. We Celebrate Success Together (Bi-monthly Friday Bar, Bi-monthly Sports Day, Annual „Oktoberfest“ spectacle, Corporate events, Team trips abroad (Competition Winner) and much more). "Thank You“ is a simple word but makes the difference. We integreted fair and comprehensible evaluation and appraisal systems with clear goals for the every 6 months to support your growth.

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