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Director of Operations in Amsterdam
op 22 november 2021
A company like no other
The CEOs/Partners are very experienced in the business. Every decision they make has gone through careful thinking and will always consider the welfare of the employees. They are very supportive of your growth especially if you are deserving.There is no day that you will feel (or they will make you feel) stress, but it is a very challenging business and expects high-performance from each team. Office space is very conducive to productivity True to their mission and vision, they strive to be the best conference organizer in Europe and it translates to the whole company's overall beingThe company respects your time and does not require you to check/response to your emails after work or on weekends and holidays. They even support your wellness by holding Sports Day quarterlyThey provide you with supplementary workshops and trainings from the onboarding phase down to your probationary period and onwards. They will inform you about the success planning for your career advancement in the companyThe compensation is great, not to mention the bonus schemes they regularly come up with for some of the departmentsNC 4 people is the outlet of the company that gets involved with different causes and initiatives to give hope and support to people in need. I am proud to be part of it when they launch it last yearThe dynamics of each department as well as its team members is something unique in the company. Even if we have different KPIs, the company ensures that we are connected and we are part of the continuing cycle.Network Circle employees are composed of mostly young and driven individuals. They are very respectful of each other especially to those who are more senior and experienced member of the teamFlat hierarchies and fast decision-making is what makes this company a cut above the rest. They are very transparent and will always involve you in the plans and decisions for yourself as well as for your departmentThe office is centrally located and very accessible to public transport. Office equipment they provide you for work are new and they will support you with anything you need to deliver better outputIt is never difficult to accomplish one's task as there are clear guidelines and processes to follow. The communication is 2-way, you can always propose and idea and strategy to align it and approved by your department headBeing one of the non-German native speaker in the company, there is no day that they made me feel that I am a foreigner and different from them. They stick to their values on diversity, inclusion and equality. The company hones creativity and encourages everyone to come up with special projects during the off-season. There is never a dull moment nor routinary as you are always requested to come up with innovations and ideas that the company can apply to their business and events
Event Coordinator in Amsterdam
op 22 november 2021
An employer that will create the best you
Of course, at some points of time it gets stressy but that is just normal in the event business. However, network circle will help you to always become your best self! If you deliver a good output and do your job right, you will get pushed and will benefit from it. Whenever you need something or want to develop, there will be an open ear for that and the company will try its best to help you with that which is one of the things I really appreciate here. Moreover, the community at network circle is just great, they do a lot of internal events and healthy competitions to ensure fun at work and the people working here mostly share a mindset of working hard and having a good time together afterwards.

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