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The team I joined was supposedly international. Coming from a highly international environment I thought I would find an open, multicultural place and I found instead lots of arrogance, prejudices, mocking others, judgments of body language. I also found a place which clearly wants to grow and expand without the humility to listen, learn and accept that certain directions might differ from original opinions (based on lack of knowledge, predominantly). As such I found a place where I was told we would do great things and nothing happened. Between the interview and my start date I was told certain projects would be completed which in fact where nowhere near completion even after I left, several months. Guess what, my job was predominantly relying on such projects. And so I was immediately asked to do other things as well, and got blamed for not being able to achieve results when I had no clear goals/directions. My recommendation: do not take things for granted! Ask countless questions to whomever is interviewing you.
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