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Fun working place

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Good as a first time job with a computer. If your just use to retail, fast food, or entering the work force for the first time,its a smooth transition job.
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Great healthcare and perks, little room for advancement

Day-to-day the most noticeable feature of AXS is that the employees can basically be divided into 2 groups:1) a LOT of people doing nothing and getting paid good money to enjoy company perks and have a nice "work"/life balance2) a smaller group of people who are actually working, constantly stressed out, and underpaidManagement is either toothless or out-of-touch, and unfairly rewards poor/mediocre performers while ignoring the hardest workers.And no, you don't get great discounts or hookups on event tickets.


Nice office with plentiful free food and drink, excellent healthcare


Drastically unequal workloads and expectations, little opportunity for advancement, ineffective management
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Passionate and driven individuals, approachable and fun leadership team!

There's no doubt about it, AXS employees of all levels are really into what they do and are great at it! Working with highly talented and dedicated individuals with several networking opportunities has expanded my knowledge and heightened my motivation! Best employment decision I've made for my career. Fun global virtual meetings allow each employee access to all members and feels so genuinely unified. I'm liking it here!


Free lunches, jail broken game systems, game room, shuffle board, Starbucks machine, rooftop lunch area, great restaurants and bars nearby.
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Hated working here but I needed a job so I stuck with it. They showed favortism and my coworkes weren't very nice because I was quiet and stayed to myself.


Free snacks!


No real help when needed, systems never worked as they should, old out dated systems, it's just too stressful.
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it was fine.not a job for people wanting a career, good for when you are in school

management was a mess, very noisy and unorganized.It started to get better before I left but by then I was ready to leave. All of the good managers started to leave and it went downhill. but this was in 2016 so hopefully it has gotten better
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Fun Part Time Evening Job

I really like working for AXS. Selling tickets at Red Rocks is great. The only problem with it is that the bulk of the hours available to work are during the summer with scattered events to work throughout the fall and winter months. And with it being part time, compensation could be better and there's a 30 hour a week limit.
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Ok work place, not a lot of room for advancement or raises

Job has a lot of cool perks. unfortunately perks can only go so far. poor management makes it difficult to retain employees who actually care about the job they are at.
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Productive and independent work place

Management is friendly and very supportive, Loved working there, Very Fast-paced and busy during Holiday Seasons.Appreciate and value the talent. Call Center work culture, very casual work place, even agents would come in tracks, but Magmt team needs to be in casual business attire
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Great challenges, but lack of transparency

Work was very challenging, both on the technical aspects of high volume ticketing to the human parts of managing a large organization/team. Culture was great: the hard work made for blossoming camaraderie all over and we all became awesome at what we did. My issue would be the lack of transparency and communication from upper management, which ended up costing many people's jobs and derailed some projects.
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Great experience-practically no pay

I enjoy working for AXS. It was a music industry networking dream. I built up my writing and photography portfolio. I got to hang out with and interview Rock Stars and go to any concert I desired. The pay was pitiful for the amount of time and energy put in to my articles. Changes in company policy drastically altered my concert schedule/article assignments.
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Ambiente de trabajo chico pero con limitaciones.

Se trabajaba muy bien pero eran muchas las hora y poco el pago, era cerca a mi domicilio pero algo peligroso.


Bonito lugar donde hice muchos amigos.


Muy poco descanso.
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